Creation / Reaction

Creation / Reaction:

‘Each social formation, through each of its material activities, exerts its influence upon the civic whole; and each of its ideas and ideals wins also its place and power.’ — Patrick Geddes

Landscapes are in every way embedded in creative processes, from design to their making, from planning to their management, engaging different and often disparate community expectations. Of course the endlessly creative natural processes, from geology, to plants, to ecology and so on provide the prime matter with which the landscape professions are concerned.

Creation almost always provokes a responsive reaction, sometimes as an opposing natural force or process, and often a human response ranging from approval and celebration to extremes of disgust and opposition. Creation can result in transformation as well as revolution – for better or for worse. The processes of transformation and revolution in design are an inherent part of the creative process, and it is often the moments of conflict or tension that can be the most creative. These catalysts may be found in creation and reactions across all practices in landscape, and thus we encourage participants to explore these active and often difficult situations they find in the course of their work.

Topics that may be addressed in the conference include:

  • Design and Invention
  • Innovation and Technologies
  • Urbanism and Planning
  • Creative Destruction/Revolution
  • Consultation and Co-creation
  • Landscape Democracy
  • Planting and Ecological Processes
  • Remediation, Reclamation, Amelioration and Restoration
  • Collaboration and Community Engagement
  • Urban Development and Gentrification
  • Natural Disasters, War Relief and Rebuilding
  • Materials and Waste